Are We The Biggest Threat To Your Business?

Are We The Biggest Threat To Your Business?

7th July 2021

The recent Kaseya cyber attack has thrust cybersecurity into the spotlight, making headlines across mainstream news. While you might feel insulated from its direct impact, have you considered the ripple effect it can have on a supply chain? Our video delves into this critical aspect, urging you to ponder the broader implications.

Explore the potential risks an IT provider might pose to your business if not adequately protected or covered in the event of a cyber incident. We navigate through the aftermath of such attacks, emphasising the importance of ensuring that your IT partners are equipped with robust security measures. From understanding the intricacies of supply chain vulnerabilities to assessing the preparedness of your service providers, our video provides essential insights to safeguard your business against unforeseen cyber threats.

Stay informed about the hidden risks and the crucial steps to mitigate them as we dissect the broader implications of the Kaseya cyber attack on supply chains and the risks associated with inadequately protected IT providers.

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