Is it time to switch your IT partner?

Is it time to switch your IT partner?

12th October 2021

Why do you need an IT partner?

The COVID-19 pandemic revolutionised the need for effective technology within business. Practically overnight, businesses were forced to adapt to remote working, and immediately saw an increased dependence on their IT systems. Now that the pandemic is easing, it is becoming clear that remote or hybrid work is here to stay for a lot of companies. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your business has strong technological foundations that allow your employees to work efficiently and productively when not in the office. Working with the right IT partner can provide you with bespoke and innovative solutions which strengthen your IT systems and enhance your business processes.

However, it is important to keep assessing and evaluating your IT partner as time goes on. Their services should be consistent and beneficial to your business.


Is your IT partner getting the most out of your technology environment?

Ask yourself these questions to discover whether you should change your IT partner.

Are you seeing the business results you were promised?

Your IT partner should be able to provide you with specific reports that detail, using metrics, how they are optimising your IT and helping your business to succeed. You want to ensure that you are seeing a healthy return on your investment. Hold your IT partner accountable: if you are not getting the results they promised you, it is probably time to switch.

Is their communication clear and effective?

In business, communication is fundamental. Your IT partner should keep you in the loop at all times, letting you know about their long-term strategies, any processes they are implementing and any quick fixes they have carried out. They should also be transparent when it comes issues or roadblocks.

Are their fixes efficient enough?

Your IT partner should attempt to minimise the amount of downtime you face by remediating problems as quickly as possible. Certainly, some issues will take longer to fix than others, but your IT partner’s priority should be minimising disruption to your service delivery and operations.

Are they teaching you about new technologies and cyber threats?

Your IT partner should be attempting to educate your team about certain elements of IT and cyber security. This could be anything from how to recognise phishing emails, what certain basic jargon means, or how to avoid preventable issues. This adds immense value to their service.

Are you receiving enough support in general?

Your business is unique and will have its own specific problems and requirements. Your IT partner should offer you bespoke support based on these needs. If you feel that you are not receiving enough assistance, then it is time to look for a new IT partner.

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘no’, then you should start considering switching your IT partner. In order to ensure that your business is as successful as possible, you need to utilise your technology effectively. Your IT partner should be there to support you in this process, making your IT systems more productive, efficient and collaborative.

To find out more about what you should expect from an IT partner, and how to select the right one for your business, download our Buyer’s Guide today.


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