Innovative Microsoft Analytics Can Help Your Business Work Smarter

Innovative Microsoft Analytics Can Help Your Business Work Smarter

9th February 2021

Are you struggling to keep your work processes efficient? Technology will do one of two things for your business; hinder efficiency or increase efficiency. If your software, servers and devices are not being optimised, then there's a very high chance you'll be missing out on some smart ways of working.

Microsoft offers many productivity tools that should not be ignored. One such tool is Microsoft Analytics. This tool will give you quick wins when it comes to increasing your efficiency. It's an easy tool for all Microsoft 365 users to transform work processes with simple, actionable tasks.

Getting to grips with Microsoft Analytics is a smart move for any user and businesses. It's also a smart idea to utilise Microsoft Workplace Analytics to gain a broader picture of productivity and collaboration across your company. Findings can then be actioned through MyAnalytics.


What is Microsoft MyAnalytics?

Microsoft MyAnalytics is a dashboard that provides insights into your day. It will allow you to analyse the time you spend on different tasks throughout your day.

Microsoft Analytics are available for all Microsoft 365 users and offer insight into the following areas:

Focus and Wellbeing

This section helps you understand whether you have enough uninterrupted time to complete your daily tasks. It will also help you to disconnect from work periodically to reduce the risk of stress and burnout.

Network and Collaboration

The network area shows insights into your relationships with people in your network that you've worked with over the past year. Whereas the collaboration section highlights those people you have actively collaborated with over the past month.

Personal Productivity Insights

Receive AI-powered insight into your working day. You can use this information to stay on top of tasks and emails by prioritising your work and follow up with the most important people first. This will help you manage your time efficiently by making sure your week doesn't fill up with meetings… the dream!

Microsoft Analytics


How Can Microsoft MyAnalytics Make My Business Work Smarter?

Microsoft says that only 32% of knowledge workers put the time aside for ‘deep, focused work’. All of those phone calls, meetings that could've been emails, after-hours requests and ad hoc jobs add up and often take over valuable 'focus time'.

However, Microsoft Analytics could transform efficiency across your entire business. Here are three ways how:

1. View personal data and insights

Microsoft MyAnalytics allows individuals to track their own time and work patterns independently. This means less admin for managers as individuals can set their own targets and goals. Intelligent metrics and built-in dashboards help users to visualise personal insights and easily track change over time.

2. Improve work patterns & efficiency

Understanding your work patterns is the first step to improving them. Using Microsoft MyAnalytics will allow you to manage your time more effectively and track the areas where you might be spending too much time for little gain. Prioritising your time and workload based on smart AI insight will enable you to work more productively. You will be able to improve efficiencies and gain uninterrupted time to focus.

3. Create actionable tasks

Turning insights into actions is the key to working more efficiently. Managers can use the insights generated across a business to discover opportunities to innovate and adapt. Decisions can be made from a place of in-depth insights, and the impact on business outcomes can be measured through a continuous cycle of updates.

Microsoft Analytics


Knowledge is Power, Right?

That's what they say – and for a good reason! Microsoft MyAnalytics provides you with all the knowledge you could ask for about your working patterns so that you can learn to adapt and change them for the better.

Optimising Microsoft tools can boost efficiency on an individual level and increase productivity and effective collaboration across the board. Microsoft MyAnalytics is just one of many tools that you can leverage to see a positive impact on your business. There are similar tools embedded in apps like Microsoft Azure, where you can use Azure Active Directory to track cloud-based applications and processes.

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