The 5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

The 5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

23rd May 2022

No matter in which industry your business is in, technology is the backbone of every business, helping to keep operations ongoing.

With the IT space evolving at a fast pace, many businesses struggle to keep up with new trends and technologies, unable to take advantage of the many benefits the digital world has to offer. In the modern workplace, many businesses decide to outsource their IT to a managed service provider. Have you ever wondered why?

Why outsource IT support

Digital transformation is marching on, and more and more businesses are discovering the advantages of digitisation. But it can be difficult to gauge which the right solutions for each unique business need are, and even once you’ve successfully migrated, juggling daily IT demands as well as cyber security can be a stretch for many companies. And that’s where managed IT support comes in. A few reasons why businesses are outsourcing IT support include:

  • They have high IT costs
  • Their IT needs a lot of maintenance
  • They suffer from a lot of downtime
  • Their systems are outdated
  • They recently suffered a security breach

There are many more reasons to opt for outsourced IT support because MSPs can help businesses with many unique pain points they’re struggling with. Outsourcing your IT can help you optimise internal operation processes and drive business growth. Today, we’re talking about the 5 main benefits of outsourcing IT support.


Benefits of outsourcing your IT

Benefit 1: Reduce costs

Hiring an in-house IT team can be quite costly. Apart from the monthly salary, you'll have to expense the actual recruitment process, employee benefits, training and development, tax, etc. When you outsource your IT, however, you only pay for the services that you require – there are no hidden costs. You pay on a monthly basis and don’t have to expense hardware, equipment and storage.


Benefit 2: Enjoy a high level of expertise

With smaller IT teams there’s usually a lack of knowledge and experience that a business might need to overcome certain IT challenges. With an outsourced IT partner, you get a wide range of different solutions and experts that are specialised in several areas. Outsourcing your IT means having access to a pool of experts with different skillsets that can help you implement specific projects and solve complex issues.


Benefit 3: Gain access to the latest technology

As technology is ever-evolving, your business needs to adapt to new trends and adopt new technologies in order to keep a competitive edge. Is your IT team aware of the latest cybersecurity threats or the best backup solutions on the market? If not, your business might be at risk of a data breach. With an IT support provider, you have access to the latest technologies and updates and can enjoy peace of mind that your business’ security is always up to scratch.  


Benefit 4: Get emergency IT support  

Your in-house team will only work on a 9 to 5 schedule. However, IT issues can happen anytime, disrupting your business operations and potentially causing damaging downtime. When outsourcing your IT support, your provider will cover the hours your team is unavailable. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding a replacement when any of your technicians are on leave or off sick. 


Benefit 5: Increase productivity  

Another benefit of outsourced IT support can be increased productivity. Generally, a small IT team can’t achieve what an IT partner can. With outsourced IT services you have access to tools and solutions that can help improve your business operations and optimise procedures, allowing your team to be more productive and work more efficiently; whether that’s protecting your data, implementing cloud solutions or optimising your digital connectivity 


How much does it cost to outsource IT Support

As much as we would like to give you an easy answer, there is no one-size-fits-all price. How much you will spend on IT outsourced IT support will very much depend on your individual business. First of all, it depends on how big your company is. Naturally, larger enterprises will have higher IT support costs than small to medium-sized businesses. On average, as an SMB you can expect to spend around 6-7% of your annual revenue on IT.

Second of all, your price also depends on your managed service provider. Some MSPs have fixed fee packages while other MSPs work with unique pricing that’s tailored to what you need for your business. For fixed fee pricing, you can expect to pay around £40-£100 per user per month. For hourly support you can expect to pay around £50-£150 per hour.


Are you ready to outsource your IT?

At Southern IT, we provide businesses of all sizes and industries with reliable technology support services and localised IT support in Sussex. We’re different than any other IT provider as we care to foster a reliable IT support partnership with every business we work with. We will never sell you anything for the sake of selling it—our services are tailored to where you want to go with your business and what you need to get from your IT.

Do you want to enjoy the many benefits of outsourced IT support? Talk to our team today to discover how our outsourced IT support can help your business to more productivity, innovation and growth.


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