How can Microsoft Azure Benefit Your Business?

How can Microsoft Azure Benefit Your Business?

10th June 2021

Microsoft Azure (MS Azure or just Azure) is a public cloud computing service that ensures effective remote working solutions and much, much more. Offering IaaS – Infrastructure as a service, PaaS – Platform as a Service and SaaS – Software as a Service, Microsoft Azure is the perfect replacement, or supplement to your on-premise services. 

The Azure cloud platform consists of over 200 products and cloud services specifically to provide solutions to the challenges businesses face.  Providing a wealth of services including analytics, virtual computing, networking and storage, if you’re not utilising it for your business – you’re missing a trick! 

Here’re just a few of Microsoft Azure’s benefits: 

Migrating to Microsoft Azure and Cloud working 

We know, from experience that moving your business to the cloud is daunting, but with the option to go hybrid, with on-premise and cloud solutions, Microsoft Azure ensures you can make the move at your own pace.  Remote working is just as simple as working from the office, all services are available no matter where your team is based. 

 Automatic cloud backup and disaster recovery 

A flexible and formidable solution to your Compliance and Backup & Disaster Recovery, Microsoft Azure provides advanced site recovery with built in integrations. Providing highly customisable backup schedules, the rate and content of your backups can be set up to match your internal schedules and business activities.  

Azure’s built-in integration ensures that automatic backups in a Windows Virtual Environment are hassle-free and comprehensive.  

Cost efficiency 

If you already have a Microsoft 365 subscription, Microsoft Azure is free. Your costs are appropriate to the capacity needs of your business, there’s no upfront cost and with the lack of physical drives and, with all storage in the cloud, you also save on maintenance and replacement of hardware.  

 Analytics and reporting 

Microsoft Azure offers ‘a comprehensive set of solutions that turn your data into actionable insights’. Providing unparalleled performance – 14 times faster than other cloud providers and costing 94% less!  

Simple, secure scalability 

Microsoft Azure provides simple scalability solutions, delivering increased productivity and efficiency. The simple pay-as-you go pricing provides your business with the agility to scale as required and during Covid, this proved to be an invaluable benefit for many businesses.  

Microsoft is continuously innovating, providing solutions to meet your needs today and in the future. With the off-premise savings and online solutions provided, your business has the opportunity to grow and evolve.  

 If you want to know more about moving to the cloud and the benefits to your business, drop us a line. Our friendly expert technical team has helped many businesses just like yours make the transition, we’ve got proven expertise and we can ensure your Microsoft Azure/Cloud migration is a breeze! 

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