Why your Business needs Microsoft 365 Backup

Why your Business needs Microsoft 365 Backup

19th April 2021

Microsoft 365 offers a vast range of cloud-based collaborative applications, enabling a company to increase productivity, become more efficient, and, most importantly, collaborate. However, Microsoft does not backup your data, they're not responsible for backing it up; you are. Don't risk losing all that valuable data; it may cost you in the future.

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Why do you need a comprehensive backup solution for Microsoft 365? 


1. Hackers always pose a threat 

Cyber threats can cause severe damage to a business, especially those without a comprehensive backup solution. Cybercriminals can perform a range of malicious attacks, including holding your lost data hostage as ransom. If this ransom is not paid, the hacker will spread throughout your network, gathering more data and will potentially, permanently delete it. What would this mean for your business if a hacker stole data that was not sufficiently backed up?

The only reliable solution is to implement a backup strategy which will have a separate archive of all the information your business needs to function.

2. Human error 

As much as we want to believe our employees wouldn't lose any data, it happens. An accidental deletion, spilt coffee over laptops, or a lost device. Sadly, these are natural human occurrences that can't always be avoided. This is why you need to backup your Microsoft 365 environment so that those all-important files are protected if the worst does happen, creating business and employee peace of mind.

3. You don't want any gaps 

Data stored in your Microsoft 365 environment can fall through the gaps without a backup solution. Microsoft have a 30-day retention period in place for data that is deleted, after that, it’s gone forever. Microsoft themselves recommend additional backup security measures as they recognise that cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and therefore, more threatening. Standard security processes are not enough to combat the range of cyber-attacks from corrupting your technology. Backing up your data is the only way forward.

4. Stay compliant 

Staying compliant is a business necessity. With GDPR, firms must hold records by law, including everything from simple email attachments to employee data and Microsoft documents of all sizes. This is, of course, dependant on the industry you work in; specific sectors will require more legal and compliance measurements. To ensure you don't get caught out and can meet government expectations, install a robust backup strategy, enabling you to keep your business safe.

5. Stay productive and operational no matter what 

There is nothing more important than keeping your team productive and making sure you remain operational no matter what. By insufficiently backing up your data, you put your business and team at risk. If your employees cannot access the data they need, then they cannot work. Data loss can trigger your business to come to a standstill and cause significant downtime, which can be very costly. To ensure you avoid this at all possible costs, a robust backup solution is needed, so whatever happens, your business can keep going.

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Ready to get your Microsoft 365 backed up? 

Our team at Southern IT provide Microsoft 365 backup as part of our 365 package to all clients, as we believe in backup as a standard. Without it you're left highly vulnerable, and the pitfalls of lost data are too dangerous to risk.

Ensure you've taken the proper precautions to protect your data before it's too late. Our team at Southern IT can help implement a robust backup solution and keep your business safe. Get in touch today.

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